How to Store Calendula

How to Store Calendula


Before storing Calendula, make sure it is completely dry.

The green flower heads are dense and take much longer to dry than the petals.


The petals will feel wispy and fragile when they are completely dry,  

and they will pull out of the heads extremely easily.


You can store Calendula flowers whole with the green flower head, or pull the petals out, 

and compost the heads.


 For tea or tincture purposes, you may wish to provide just petals to your customers. 

If you're making oil, you may find it easier to use the whole head, avoiding the labor of plucking the petals.


Store dried calendula in glass jars with airtight seals, or sealed plastic bags. 

Note : Keep it out of the light.


Once dried, you may use Calendula blossoms to make oil, which can then be used to make a salve.