·  Transparency and great quality, combined with innovation, and distinguished service is what we want to serve you with.

·  Avoid use pesticides in agriculture 'cultivate bio crops'.

·  Apply Good Agricultural, and Collection Practices as possible ,such as

 cleanliness of the workplace, personal hygiene of workers, etc., until

 reaching the stage of export.

·  We care about the medicinal plants of good qualities, and seeds and

 seedlings are selected.

·  The company is ready to apply any requirements related to the production

 of medicinal, and aromatic plants.

· We believe that this is how we will get the best results – if both the

 company and the employees are doing their best!

·  Lectures and trainings are given .

·  Loading, packaging, shipping and delivering: perfect logistics.

·  We are already supplying many customers world wide and we intend to continue and supply many more.

·  The company is ready to export all agricultural crops in the Arab Republic

 of Egypt upon the client's request.