·  We care about the medicinal plants in high qualities, starts with the selection of seeds, and continues with the cultivation and harvesting of medicinal plants, following the Good Agricultural and Collection Practice (GACP) principles.

· EVER HERB committed to modern production processes and the highest quality standards.

·  Apply organic practices in agriculture, and organic registration will be soon.

·  Transparency and great quality, combined with innovation, and distinguished service is what we want to serve you with.

·  The company is ready to apply any requirements related to the preparation of medicinal, and aromatic plants.

· We believe that this is how we will get the best results – if both the company and the employees are doing their best!

·  Lectures, and trainings are given.

·  Loading, packaging, shipping, and delivering: perfect logistics.

·  We are already supplying many customers world wide, and we intend to continue and supply many more.

·  We can supply you with almost every herbal in high quality according to customer customization.


· The best cultivation, and collection areas

· High product quality due to fast processing, and hand-picking

· No application of pesticides in farming

· Full traceability back to the field

· Product safety guaranteed by our integrated Quality Management System

· Natural drying processes

· Short transport distances and fast processing times resulting from cultivation areas located close to the company’s facilities